A New Address and New Look for the Blog

Hey Everyone! Just some good housekeeping today, instead of a real post.

Exciting news. This blog has a new address:


address curb

So, please save the new address in your bookmarks. That’s very important. There’s a redirect for now, but it won’t last forever.

OK, so there’s that. More importantly, the blog has a new look: cleaner, simpler to navigate. And I will be tweaking it a bit more in coming days. But all the same old content is here: all the old posts and other Menus up top like “About Me.”

This new address is more professional sounding and eventually it should allow me to do new, exciting things. Such as adding all my works here so you can download them directly from the site for a small fee. But that’s for another time and another blog post.

Finally, this new address should be ad-free, according to WordPress. So, that’s good! If you do see ads here, please let me know.

That’s all for now, just enjoy poking around the new site and we’ll see you next time, with a real blog post.




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