Steady As It Goes—And a Thank You

Hello, everyone. Just wanted to keep you updated…Let’s see…Where did we leave things?


Oh yes! I’m pretty happy with life right now. I have a new (day) job and that’s sucking up a lot of time and energy. But it’s a great step for me and it’s good to see the career moving forward, but…

More importantly for this blog, I am still writing fiction. You see, last year the (day) job had become a bit of a distraction. It was stressful and I was looking to jump. So, now that I have, I can focus more on writing fiction on the weekends without any of those distractions…

And the fiction writing is going…well. I can’t complain. I’m adding words, getting stuff down, editing from time to time, as needed. So, it feels like life’s in balance again. I feel I’m writing what I want and that it’s coming together reasonably well. What more could I ask for?

Oh! I know! More time to submit stories… That’s something I always struggle finding time to do.

So, that’s the writing update for now. Next time, we’ll look at bigger “philosophical” issues, as it were. But before I go…

A Thank You
I also wanted to thank everyone for showing up.

The blog “Visitors” stats last year (2018) set another record. Last year, this blog saw almost double the number of visitors from the previous year. And it had more than four times the number of visitors there were in 2017. Four times!

The readership is also spreading geographically beyond the U.S., which is great to see. U.S. readers/visitors still dominate by a huge, huge margin. And this blog has had a lot of readers from the usual English-speaking countries you’d expect: Canada and the U.K. But in the past year, there’s been a noticeable shift to Asia. This year, in fact, I’m seeing a lot more interest from India, Pakistan, the Philippines and Hong Kong—so that’s great to see! A big welcome to everyone!

So, thank you all for making the blog a success. As I said previously, I’m cutting back a smidge this year on post frequency, but I’ll be here every month, on the first of the month, checking in and letting you guys know how the writing is going. Here’s hoping it will be a great year!

See you next time,


2 thoughts on “Steady As It Goes—And a Thank You

  1. Congratulations!
    You have become International.
    Continued Success.
    Best Wishes


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