Works in Progress

Here are the ground rules for this page:

  • I add new works to this list when I complete a first draft. (This allows me to create in peace and quiet.)
  • I remove works from this list when they are either published or are archived/”trunked.” If a work is published (traditionally or by me) it migrates to my “About” page. If it is trunked, it goes to the Great Hard Drive in the Sky.
  • I reveal titles here when a final first draft is complete.

In short: works are listed here when a first draft is complete and leave here when they’re published or archived. For updates on works as they happen, follow my Twitter feed.

Here’s the list:

More on this later.  
Status: Editing 2nd draft.

2. The Presence
Let’s call this The Turn of the Screw fan-fiction or, if you don’t like that, a SciFi Ghost story. A Cosmic Horror novella, this really was an experiment in tone: Could I do SciFi, but give it that ominous, Trap feel? And what would that look and feel like? 
Status: Done. Submitting now. 

3. Photon
A “star story.” This is a short (less than 3,000 words) story about the life, death and afterlife of a single beam of starlight.
Status: Done and dusted. Submitting now! 

4. Straw
Calling this “Summa Theologica” Fan Fic. It’s based on an incident from St. Thomas Aquinas’ life and has a mystical-historical vibe.  
Status: Done. Submitting now!

5. The 17th Street Anomaly
A short Cosmic Horror/Weird Fiction story. Set in an alleyway and inspired by my work cubicle and making thumbtack constellations on its walls. A little gem of a story!
Status: Done and submitting now.

6. Der Gekreuzigte
This is a Cosmic Horror historical fiction short story. It’s set in 1880s/1890s Germany and stars a certain German philosopher who has an unbeckoned encounter with an entity from beyond.
Status: Doing some final editing before submitting.

7. Turtles
This is Flash Sci-Fi Horror. It’s about a beautiful, delusional death; science; and fanaticism. 
Status: Submitting now. 

8. ExoSoul.
This is a Horror short story, about 2,000 words long. Not about the more familiar exoskeleton, but the less familiar “ExoSoul.”
Status: Submitting now. 

9. Poem: “Symmetry.”
You ever wonder what happened to all the antimatter in the universe that’s supposed to be here, but isn’t? I do. I thought and thought about it…About what all those lost, buried empires of antimatter might look and sound like. Then, one day, this poem came out. It’s 47 words, 9 lines.
Status: GREAT NEWS! This poem was accepted for publication by Star*Line Magazine and will appear there later this year. 

10. Various poems — To be announced as they are accepted.
At any one time, I have dozens of poems in various stages of completion ranging from very rough first drafts to finished products which only need to be proofread one final time…Since they’re a bit too many to list and track here, I refrain from posting them. Instead look for them to appear, when published, on my “About” page. 

[LAST UPDATED: March 2023.]

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