“The Hatchlings” Now on Kindle

My Sci-Fi Horror story, “The Hatchlings” is out now on the Amazon Kindle store. It was my first story that ever got “traditionally” published way back in 2013 (that seems long ago now!). It came out in Fiction Vortex in August 2013 and won 3rd place in their Readers’ Choice Award. So, I’m glad to be offering it directly to readers myself now.

The story also features some great new cover art from Die Welle Design:

What’s more, I’m doing a giveaway to celebrate its release! It’s free today and the next couple of days (July 15-17) on the Kindle store.

Here’s a little summary to pique your interest:

For centuries, the Synod of the Holy Mothers of Kaldar have forbidden Off-Worlders from witnessing the Zakir ritual. But for the first time, one man has been offered an invitation through his acquaintance, Mudarak.

Inside the arena where the ritual is about to take place, a large crowd gathers and divine justice awaits. The multitude fidgets and grows silent. Attendants in white tunics sound the trumpets and play the Hymn of the Desert. The ritual is ready to begin…

IMPORTANT NOTE: You don’t need a Kindle device to read the story. All you need is the Kindle App downloaded onto your PC, Mac, or phone (or even onto your Kindle, if you have one!) If you have an Internet connection and a device, you should be able to download and read this story anywhere in the world.

And if you do get it, please, please, please leave a short review (good, bad or indifferent) when you’re done with it on Amazon or Goodreads!

Thanks and see you next time!


Additional note: I’ll be putting many of my “old” stories up on Kindle in the coming months, so look for new updates soon!

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