Where My Writing Is Headed in 2020

Well, well, well. The twenties are here. Again.



For me, that means more writing. And new goals. Overall, I’m pretty happy with my writing in 2019. Can’t complain at all. Stayed productive, got a story accepted, and had great focus and determination overall. So, proud of all that.

But now it’s onto 2020 and I want to make sure I’m growing while sticking to the fundamentals. So, here’s a look at where my writing is going (and some goals) for 2020.

1. Keep Writing.

This is number one. And simple. Just keep writing. Keep adding to the word count and keep editing. I feel really strong here, but want to keep this up top so that when I come back to look at this post six months, nine months, a year from now, I can keep motivated and focused on what really matters here: getting the words down.

2. Make My Works Discoverable.

This is a big project, but important. Right now my published works are adding up. I have seven works (including novels, novellas and stories) already out and one more to come.

But they’re in a shambolic state. Some you can find online, some are on Amazon Kindle, some are on dead publication’s websites. There’s no quick, easy way for readers to find and access all I’ve written and I need to change that.

The rights for these stories have now reverted to me (that is, they have been published long enough ago that according to any contracts I signed the rights to publish them are now mine again). So, it’s time to put them all in one place and make them easily accessible/ downloadable/purchasable. This will be a big project and I don’t think I’ll get it done this year, but I need to at least get started so that people out there who are interested in my stuff (potential fans) can easily find them. So that, they can, in a sense, become fans.

My goal is to have it so (eventually) all my works can be purchased in either physical or digital formats by anyone anywhere. I have some experience in this, but finding out how to do this with physical books will be a bit of a learning curve.

But, hey, isn’t that what I want to do with my writing anyway? Anyhow, time to get this going.

3. Find Local (Fiction Writer) Peers.

This is important. I need to find local peers who are writing fiction. I have the name and website of a local group and I’m planning to go to their meeting later this month.

I feel I need more people (fiction writers, that is) who are engaged in this craft. Not so much a critique group (though I’m open to that), but a group that offers an environment for mutual support and learning. The key is finding a group that is slightly ahead of where you are. That way they can lift you up. But at the same time, you don’t feel like you’re out of your depth. Balance.

Plus, writing can be a lonely business and I have some great national/global writing friends, but it will be nice to have a local peer group to meet with face-to-face. There’s something special about that.

Anyway, like I said, I have a lead on a good local group. Wish me luck!

That’s about it. The bottom line: Keep doing what I’m doing with a couple of tweaks. That’s it. All for now! See you again soon. Until then…

Keep reading, keep writing,


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