New Story Out Now

Hey Guys! Lots going on and heading out of town later today, so I will make this brief.


My new story “Breakpoint” is out now at Kyanite Press. So please stop by their website and look for Volume 1, Issue 2 with my name on the front (Darius Jones!). You can pick it up in eBook or print (And get all the smells!) format.

The story’s got a post-apocalyptic theme, it’s got some cyberpunk flair, a dashing of  deadly cyborgs and even a tiny bit of poetry. So, what’s not to like? Most importantly, it’s a story I’ve been improving and trying to get out for some time, so I’m really glad it’s finally going to see the light of day. So go, Kyanite Press! And thanks a ton to editor B.K. Bass for picking up this story!

Hope you check it out and tell a friend.

For extra fun check out the mini-interview I did on Kyanite’s contributor page. It’s my first interview anywhere.

Thanks! And catch you guys next time!


2 thoughts on “New Story Out Now

  1. Great !
    We will have to get the publication and read it.
    Will pass on to Nancy
    Keep up Your Dreams!


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