Writing Update for October

Is it October already? The month’s more than half over too? Where did it go? Why wasn’t I informed???

Lonely writer

Phew! Anyway, lots going on in my writing life and in real life. I will do my best to summarize all this excitement below.

The Writing
If you follow my Twitter feed, you’ll know I’ve mused recently about “stepping back” a bit from the writing.

And I did. A small step. But that small step helped me figure out a few things, namely where things are headed. Sometimes, you need a little breather, to let things settle in your mind and let the subconscious do its very slow-rolling (but effective!) attack on a subject. So, I did. Then, this past weekend I picked up the pen (really, the PC) again. I went back, did some editing and added some more words.

Wish I could have added more, but I’m pleased with the results. So, there you have it.

Total Word Count: 1,778 words. [Updated for month-end total.]

So, no new submissions this month. Bad Writer!

These literary fiction magazines are tough to crack and as you probably know, they’re my main target for my story “The Number Thief” a piece of historical fiction. It’s a good piece, but not one that it’s easy to find a market for. It’s not speculative, so all the fantasy journals won’t take it. And its historical setting seems to be a turnoff/not a good fit for many literary magazines. That being said, it’s with a magazine now and I’m hoping to send it to others soon.

In other Rejection news, I HIGHLY recommend Rahul Kanakia’s recent post on his 1600th (you read that right!) rejection. That’s how you do it, Folks!

And now my Stats:

Total Submissions this Month: 0

Total Stories Out to Magazines (pending submissions): 3

Rejections: 0

This real-life thing has been very hectic lately. What with work, vacation, more vacation, house guests, more work, etc., etc., it has been hard to squeeze in the writing.

But, there’s a change in the air and crisp days are beginning to descend. It’s my favorite time of year. And it’s a great time to get some Earl Grey tea, plug in the laptop, put on the headphones and get some fiction down. Let’s face it: it’s time.

See you next post!


2 thoughts on “Writing Update for October

  1. Enjoy the Beauty of Autumn,
    The Joy of the Harvest Season & the Hallow’ evening Celebration!
    The Harvest Moon.

    Best Wishes

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