UnRejectionable Ghoul

As an experiment of sorts, I’m posting the submission history of my story: “The Ghul of Yazd.” Think of this as a submission tracker for just one story. The reason for doing this is to share the experience of submitting stories with my readers. And in doing so, to help new writers realize that their darling stories (and this one is a cherished piece of mine) will get rejected many times. 281px-The-Ghoul-Poster[1]

Here are the ground rules for this little game:

  • I’m NOT going to share which magazines I’ve sent the story to or rejection letters.
  • I will share with you when it gets submitted, rejected and/or accepted on this page.
  • I’m going to keep sending out the manuscript until it’s accepted…
  • …or I figure out a proper home for it.

Here’s the submission history of the story so far:

  • Submitted: Sept. 21, 2013.
  • Rejected: Oct. 24 (33-day rejection).
  • Submitted: Oct. 30.
  • Rejected: Dec. 5 (36-day rejection).
  • Submitted: Dec. 20
  • Rejected: Jan. 5, 2014.
  • Submitted: Jan. 6.
  • Rejected: Jan. 15.
  • Submitted: Jan. 19.
  • Rejected: Feb. 1.
  • Submitted: Feb. 3.
  • Rejected: Feb. 26.
  • Submitted: Feb. 26. (Simultaneous Submission). Mar. 30 (Sim Sub. 2) Mar. 30 (Sim Sub. 3)
  • Rejection: April 25. (Sim Sub. 1).
  • Submitted: June 8 (Sim Sub. 4).
  • Rewrite request: July 3 (95-day)
  • Acceptance: July 25, 2014 (117-day).
  • Author withdrawal: August 1, Sim Sub 3 and Sim Sub 4.

[UPDATE (Feb. 26, 2014): I’m starting to realize this is going to take awhile…Keep checking back for more.]

[UPDATE (Aug. 3, 2014): Captured final acceptance. Bottom line: 7 rejections, over 10 months from 1st submission to final acceptance.]

[UPDATE (Sept. 16, 2014): “The Ghul of Yazd” was published in Strangelet Journal! Nice.]

[UPDATE (Sept. 24, 2020): “The Ghul of Yazd” is now available in the Amazon Kindle store.]

4 thoughts on “UnRejectionable Ghoul

  1. Kimberly Hernandez February 26, 2015 — 1:43 am

    I read your piece in Strangelet and completely fell in love. I was curious if you would be revisiting the character. He seems too brilliant and dynamic to only have one adventure.


    1. Wow. Thanks! That comment really made my day. As for the story, I assume you mean Yusuf, the protagonist? And yes, I’ve been toying around with putting Yusuf and some new companions into two new pieces. Comments like this have definitely got me thinking I need to move those stories up in the queue. Thanks again for your kind words!


    2. I consider myself more of a Chnnitsai-leanirg agnostic than an atheist (though it depends on the day, really), but I identify with your reasons for fearing death. For some reason it’s easier for me to conclude that my life doesn’t matter if I’m going to cease to exist anyway than it is for me to conclude that there’s no reason to fear ceasing to exist since I won’t be around to regret it once it happens. If that makes any sense.


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