New Horror Story “Go Ask Alice” Out Now

Good news!

My new Flash fiction Horror story “Go Ask Alice” is out now in Carmina Magazine‘s March 2023 issue.

It’s not the first time “Alice” has found her way into the Horror genre (there’s something creepy about all those strange creatures she encounters!). But I like to think it adds a little something new to that old trope.

My story was inspired by:

  • Jefferson Airplane’s song “White Rabbit” with its famous chorus of “Go Ask Alice.” Its Spanish-Moroccan rhythms are dreamy, but also heavy or “Horrific” if you will. The song definitely lit the spark that got me to sit down and write this piece. (Also, the song has an intriguing history: it was inspired by a Miles Davis album that, in turn, was inspired by the Concierto de Aranjuez, hence the echoing, almost Bolero-like, Moroccan rhythms.)
  • Ibn Rushd and his theory of the unified Mind. This theory got me thinking: How might this work in reality? And started me moving in the direction of a parasite that would go on thinking and thinking even while its body (host, actually) died.
  • Alice herself and her creator, Lewis Carroll. That work is fantasy and Horror and logic and nonsense all rolled into one. A story that’s equally satisfying to adults and children alike!

I had never been able to pull off a proper Flash piece (with characters, a plot and setting) before. So, it was satisfying to finally do it. Especially in the Horror genre-it seems somehow suited to this ultra-short treatment.

Now…Enjoy the story! Also, please spread the word on social media/with friends…

And if you have any thoughts, would love to hear them in the Comments section below.

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