“The Hatchlings” Gets the Horror Podcast Treatment

Guys, I’m really, really excited! My Space Horror story, “The Hatchlings” has now received the Horror podcast treatment thanks to The No Sleep Podcast. That’s right! It’s live now on Season 17, Episode 18 of the Podcast. It’s the last story in the episode, so enjoy those tales from the other talented writers first!

NOTE: To access the full episode (the version with my story), you can either sign up for The No Sleep Podcast Season Pass (and get access to all of Season 17!) or pay $2 to get access to that particular episode. $2 is totally reasonable to me and less than a cup of coffee. It also creates a business model where we can have nice things like creepy sound effects, ambient music, voice actors…and, best of all, paid writers. All of which make me very happy! Besides that, it’s a great Podcast and you’re sure to get plenty of chills, thrills and wonder for that little investment.

WARNING: I would rate this story Rated R (for violence). It’s NOT a tale for children.

This is also great because I have dreamed about one of my stories being made into an Old Time Radio show. Now, it has finally happened. With voice actors, sound effects, eerie music. It’s all in there! Eat your heart out, Orson!

Special thanks to the whole No Sleep team for believing in this piece. And to Jeff Clement for the audio production; voice actors Andy Cresswell and Graham Rowat; and Brandon Boone for that strange music. You helped bring my creature(s) to life!!!

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