New Poems Out at Strange Horizons

Great news, Everyone!

My collection of short poems, “The King Becomes a Star” is out now over at Strange Horizons. I am very, very pleased to share these 24 short poems with all of you!

It all came from the idea of “What if…?” In this case, “What if…Pharaoh Unas had access to super-advanced technology so that his daily mythological death and resurrection became a sort of Manhattan Project?” That is, that’s what the idea became AFTER stargazing in my backyard (using nothing more than my binoculars) during the pandemic. That’s right, the original inspiration for all this was the stars, globular clusters, and nebulae I saw back then. So, thank you, my stars!

All for now! Go tell your friends, your family, your coworkers. Enjoy! Gonna run, but more soon!


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