Title Reveal: Resurrection of the Grim Chop Maharajah

So, going to do another mini-Writing Update this month. (PS: writing the blog less is working…it’s letting me write fiction more).

Here we go…

James Booker mural, NOLA.

New Novella Done

I just wrapped a first draft of a new novella…Ta-Da! Calling this piece “Resurrection of the Grim Chop Majarajah.” It’s a short novella, about 23,000 words, but still…It’s a novella. I have even edited the piece and sent it out to one “open call” for submissions.

What is it about? Many things. Let me simplify it by talking about some of the inspirations. First, there’s the American South and its music, food, culture and history. Now, I’m not a Southerner, but I do reside in a Southern state. So, slowly and by degrees, I’ve found myself intrigued and pulled into Southern culture. I live in Virginia near DC and have found my road trips bending South and West instead of North and East. To New Orleans, or Memphis, or Savannah instead of New York City, or Boston, or Philadelphia. I can’t really explain why. At any rate, it’s been enough that this piece from The Bitter Southerner really struck a chord with me. Really!? Not a world-class bar in all the South? Come on!!!

There were other inspirations, of course. First, Miles Davis and his soundtrack for the French film, Ascenseur pour l’échafaud (Elevator to the Gallows). I had never listened to him until recently, but the “spacy” vibe his trumpet makes really was something I wanted to reproduce in words somehow (if I only could!). There is also the concept of hypostasis or “God within” or “the lower God” as opposed to a deity up high or coming from above. Some also call it “the underlying reality.” That also suited this piece.  

Finally, there’s the title itself, which is a riff off of the James Booker album “Resurrection of the Bayou Maharajah.” He was a famous New Orleans piano player who was trained in European classical music, but was known for playing rhythm & blues and jazz piano. Here’s a good introduction to Booker, if you’re interested. I especially love this idea of mashing up classical European music with African-influenced blues, soul and jazz in the saloons, bars, and concert halls of the American South. Three continents in one! (A seeding and reseeding of influences that is still going on today—live!—at your favorite haunt down that way…Kinda the way stars seed and re-seed higher elements back into the universe from the simple building blocks of hydrogen and helium…).

Anyway…here’s a great live performance of his from 1983:

Booker at the Maple Leaf, 1983.

So, that’s all on the novella. It’s out in the world and I will let you know what happens.

Flash Horror piece

I also ran forward (with scissors) on a Flash Fiction Horror piece I’m calling “Go Ask Alice.” As you might have guessed, it’s sort of Alice in Wonderland fan fiction. As you may not have guessed, it’s also an exploration of Theory of Mind issues using Horror as a medium.

I have finished a first draft, edited it, and the story is out on submission now. Will keep you updated.

All for now

Well, that’s all for now, Folks. Duty—and fiction writing—call! Glad to have three pieces done and to have submitted two of them.

Will see you again next month for a short update. Until then…

Keep reading, keep writing.

2 thoughts on “Title Reveal: Resurrection of the Grim Chop Maharajah

  1. Great update. I’m eager to read the novella, but I will judge you on your Southerness. I also want to read the Alice in Wonderland inspired story. I also have one of those I’ve been shopping around. We should compare notes, though mine is more comedic.


    1. Thanks, Jason.
      Would be good to have a real Southerner fact check the novella. Hope I got the facts straight!
      As for my Flash piece, it definitely is NOT comedic!
      Would be interested to hear your thoughts on these. We’ll be in touch.


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