A Look Back at My Writing Life in 2018

Is that it? Is the year over already?

I guess so. And here I am playing catch-up.


Alright, before looking ahead I want to look back briefly at my writing life in 2018. It was a hectic year with lots of things drawing me away from writing. But I’m proud of what I accomplished. Here’s a quick breakdown.

I Had a Story Traditionally Published (for the 5th Time)
My story, Breakpoint, was published by Kyanite Press in November. I was really excited to see it in print. This was one story I didn’t think would ever see the light of day, but it did. It just goes to show you: if you have a story you believe in, stick with it. Someday, someone out there will see the value in it and will decide to pick it up. (It was also my fifth story to be traditionally published, so I am starting to become an old hand at this story-publishing business).

I Kept Adding to the Word Count
In other, arguably more significant, news I kept writing. Many weekends would find me out at the café writing away. As a result, I’ve cranked out thousands of words this year working on various pieces. Nothing ready to share yet, but despite lots of work and other tasks, I’ve been able to add significantly to my word horde.

I Hit 100 Rejections and Kept Rolling
As I noted earlier, I finally reached a milestone of dubious distinction: I received my 100th literary rejection. Since then, I’ve sent out a few more stories and it hasn’t slowed me down. Here’s to the 200th, 300th and 1000th rejection: may they come soon, but not too soon!

I Kept the Blog Going
This one was tough and I faltered a bit towards the end. But I did manage to get a Post up nearly every two weeks. I plan to keep the blog going in 2019, but I might have to make a few basic tweaks.

All for now! See you next time.


2 thoughts on “A Look Back at My Writing Life in 2018

  1. 1918…Great Joys & Ostacles overcome
    1919…Great Possibilities!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Err….Are you sure you don’t mean “2018” and “2019”?

    Although, the descriptions could better suit 1918 and 1919, come to think of it!


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