When the Dust Settles

Hey, everybody.

It’s a been a really busy month. Work—you know, that day job—has really gone off the hook this month. In a bad way. I was trying to take work stuff down a notch, but that ain’t happening. In fact, it’s getting more intense. And it’s doesn’t look like that will clear up until the middle of September. Sigh…A dust storm envelops houses in Stratford, Texas, 1935. These massive storms, called ‘black blizzards’ or ‘black rollers,’ could reduce visibly to just a few feet.

Anyway, what am I getting at? The first thing I cut back on in my free time is the writing of this blog, so I had to do that this this time. The fiction writing is even suffering a little bit, but it’s for a good cause. I’m thinking about which story to start next. And I have a good plan for wrapping up the story I’m working on right now. So, there’s definitely more of that to come.

When the dust settles, I’ll be back to the blog here to update you all on what’s going on. Until then, I leave you with this little piece on today’s Hugo awards. And the promise that I’ll be writing more stories soon and posting here on the blog.

Until then,


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