Done with New Short Story

Hi, Everybody. Getting ready to take off on a trip for the long weekend, so I’m going to keep this one really short.

I’ve just finished a first draft of a new short story. It’s kind of late here, so I’m not feeling up to the whole “title reveal” thing tonight. It’s simply just another story done and I wanted to let you know. ecuador-andes

A basic overview of the story: It’s about 8,300 words and a bit too long to sell to a typical fiction magazine. I’m hoping to shape and sculpt the piece and remove some of the fat—and I have an idea just where that is. Namely, any part that doesn’t move the plot forward or develop a character. I’m hoping that simple cutting operation will get it down to around 6,000 words. A big part of the problem, you see, is that I’m finding more and more that I like to write LONG. But, I’ll address that whole thing a bit later here on the blog.

A few more details about this piece: It’s set in our world in the present day, mostly in Peru. It does contain some fantasy elements, so I’m calling it “urban fantasy” since that seems to be the hot genre these days.

That’s about it for now. I’m off to the Appalachian mountains tomorrow morning for some fresh air and hiking. When I come back I should be near a final second draft for the piece and ought to be ready to do the title reveal.

See you soon,


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