A Bummer Week

I was going to write another post about the Craft of writing fiction, but this is not the week for it. I’ve had some bad news.

My uncle passed away yesterday. I remember growing up across the street from him and he’s the guy who taught me how to play baseball. He also taught me a thing or two about how to bowl. I have a lots of other good memories of him growing up and in times since then. He lived a full life—just recently celebrating his 80th birthday—but it still seems sad and sudden.

In other bummer news, my good friend, B—, was rock climbing in Colorado this past week and fell 50 feet. He’s lucky to be alive. Thanks to a bush that caught him, the quick reaction of a climbing buddy and Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, he survived. He should be able to walk again and there appears to be no brain injury. Still, he has a long way to go to a full recovery. But I know he’ll get there. He’s a very focused and tough-minded person.

Please consider donating to Rocky Mountain Rescue Group here. According to the people at the scene, they did some great rescue work.

25 Rejections
Not to bring more good news into this post or diminish what’s above…But in a sure sign of my growing literary mental resilience (or is it stubbornness?) I have reached a unique milestone: I’ve received 25 rejections letters on works I submitted. This is for all my works combined, not for any single work. It also includes works I’ve started to submit recently.

So what does this mean for you, the aspiring writer, or, perhaps, regular human being? Well, here it is: Get ready to get your pieces rejected…a lot. Many others have written  about how many times great works have been rejected. If you have a yen to take up the pen, you’ll face the same struggles. Don’t look at it as a rejection, but look it as a sign that you’re putting yourself out there and giving it your best shot. The worst thing you can do is let those letters get into your head and prevent you from writing your best—and getting back on the horse and writing and submitting again. 

I will be going to my uncle’s funeral and you may not see me here for a couple of weeks. Got to focus on life right now, but I’ll be back in the coming weeks.

See you guys a little further down the road,


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