Works in Progress—Introducing my New Short Story: Breakpoint

Another works in progress post today. No time to waste, so here’s a quick update on each piece. 

The title of the science fiction story I’ve been working on for some time now is  “Breakpoint.”

It’s set later this century after The Great Wars in which Cumulus, a sentient supercomputer, emerges triumphant. Below Cumulus are programmable Bots and below the Bots are Cyborgs: sentient, modified humans. The protagonist is a Cyborg who is tormented by constant nightmares connected to a ritual known as the Renewal. She doesn’t realize it, but the nightmares hold the key to the secret history of her entire world. 

I have the final manuscript in hand now and will proofread and start to submit it this weekend. My plan is to submit it BEFORE my other story, “The Ghul of Yazd” goes live in Strangelet Journal next week (see below). Let’s hope “Breakpoint” finds a home!  Strangelet Cover

The Ghul of Yazd
This story is finally ready to enter into the hand’s of the public. Strangelet Journal should make print and e-pub editions available next week. The proofs look great (see right) and I can’t wait to get a copy in my hands.

I will do a new post when Strangelet publishes the piece.

This comedy-horror novella is still out there and I’m still waiting to hear back. This could take awhile. I’ll let you guys know when/if anything happens.

Going to DragonCon ‘15
I’ve officially signed up for DragonCon 2015. If you’re going, drop me a line or look for me in the writing workshops, I’m sure to attend a couple of those. Just ask around for Darius.

Also, I’ll be posting a list of Cons I’m attending in 2015 in a post at the end of this year. So that you can see which ones I’m planning to attend.

One last thing: The last day for $75 DragonCon memberships is Sept. 15, so sign up soon.

See you next week!


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