My Horror Story, “The Hatchlings” Is Now On Amazon Kindle

Hi, everyone. In all the excitement of my vacation to Peru, I failed to notice an important development. My short story, “The Hatchlings” is now available on the Amazon store in Fiction Vortex’s August 2013 issue.

Fiction Vortex Cover

That’s right, for $2.99 you get not only “The Hatchlings,” but eight other great speculative fiction stories from new writers. If that’s not enough, you can really feel good about supporting an up-and-coming fiction e-zine. Let me tell you, as a new writer I think the editors of publications like this are doing God’s work—sifting through manuscripts, picking out the winners from the slush piles, editing them, putting together the next issue and getting it out the door—all on a tight budget and with a skeleton staff. It’s publications like Fiction Vortex—not agents, not the big publishing houses—that are helping to discover and develop new fiction writers. If you want to support the art of fiction and help encourage new writers, go visit Amazon, spend $3 and help support a great new e-zine.

As a writer, I thank you for it.


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