It’s Fan Appreciation Day and Everything Is Free

As a big thank you to everyone one who has read this blog, downloaded my books, bought them, reviewed them, followed me on Twitter, mentioned me on their blog, or told their friends about me, etc., etc…I’m offering ALL my books for free TODAY ONLY on the Kindle store. Check it out:

Fan Day

That’s right. My short story, novella and novel are all free today. Stop by and download and spread the word.

It’s the first anniversary of the launch of The Library of Lost Books, and I wanted to celebrate in style. I figure with all the appreciation you’ve shown me over the last year, it’s the least I could do.

And A Little Housekeeping

Next week, this blog will return to more regular programming. There will be more posts about the Craft, Rare B Sides, Past Masters and works in progress. And most importantly my Rules for Writing, which I’ve neglected for far too long. (I’ve only posted one so far and promised five).

I hope you’ll join me. Until then…

Keep reading, keep writing,


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