My Novella Is Out and It’s Free

I just published my historical novella, “The Man Who Ran from God” on Kindle. It’s also free this weekend on the Amazon Kindle store (June 22 and 23, 2013).


Here’s the book’s blurb, just to pique your interest.

In a dream, the voice of God commands Jonah to go to Nineveh, capital of the mighty Assyrian Empire. Instead, he books passage to the other end of the world. A storm and a hungry whale are the least of his worries, as Jonah confronts deluded fishermen, befuddled peasants and crooked priests. At the end of it all, Jonah must face the hardest decision of his life: stand and preach to the fervently pagan crowds in Nineveh’s main square or flee back home to Judea.

This modern, secular retelling of the Jonah tale unwinds fact from fiction. The narrative imagines Jonah as a real man who felt compelled to spread his monotheistic belief at a time when paganism was almost universal. Loosely based on the Biblical narratives of ‘Jonah’ and ‘The Book of Kings,’ the narrative draws on recent research on the Neo-Assyrian Empire to paint a lush picture of its forgotten people, cults and customs as seen through the eyes of its determined, cantankerous hero.

Other than that I have one final request. To become a better writer, I need feedback. The quickest, easiest way to do this is to leave a short review (you’d be amazed what 25 words can do, for me and the book) on Amazon, Goodreads or even Twitter. And feel free to send me longer critiques via email. I’d love to learn what worked well and what didn’t. 

Before I go, I want to thank you for following the blog. And for all your support on Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook. Every click on this site and every comment on a post fires me up and helps me keep going. Those little things help more than you know.

A Very Warm Thank You and a Promise of More to Come,  


PS The book will be on the Kindle exclusively for the first 3 months it’s out. After that, I will reassess and see if it’s prudent to post to Nook. I will keep you updated. 

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