Cover Reveal for My New Novella

A simple post this week. I just wanted to share the cover for my new historical novella, “The Man Who Ran from God.” Here it is.


First, thanks to Dave Fey for a great design. I really think it captures the setting of the piece: the Middle East circa 800 B.C. I like to think of the cover’s scene as the view from across the Tigris toward Nineveh, capital of the Assyrian empire. Nineveh is the setting for about half of the action in the novella and is the destination of the novella’s protagonist, Jonah.

The novella is set to launch on the Kindle store on June 22. I just have to get files back from the e-book design firm and we’re in business.

In the next couple of weeks, I will post some excerpts from the novella here along with earlier drafts so you can see my creative process up close. I hope that helps the aspiring writers out there to see how something very rough can become very polished over time.

Until then,


In the interest of honing your writing skills, I also wanted to share two great posts from other blogs this week. One is very informative, the other is tongue-in-cheek. I leave it to you to decide which is which.

– “Ten Stupid Writer Tricks (that might actually work),” by Chuck Wendig.

– “If You Wish To Be A Writer, Have Sex With Someone Who Works In Publishing,” from The Onion.

In a continuing sub-series, I’m mentioning each time viewers from a new country visit the blog. This week we have:

– Indonesia.

– Hong Kong.

Welcome, everybody!

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