First Dual Giveaway Day

Today, April 29, my novel, The Library of Lost Books and my short story, The Truck Stop, are both free in the Amazon Kindle store. Grab them while you can.


As always, please consider leaving a review in return for the free download.

Also, wanted to give a shout-out to new readers from around the globe. “A Writer Begins” is slowly starting to go global, and I’ve got readers from every continent now except Antarctica. I gave a nod to Vietnam earlier and I want to give a list of new countries as they pop up in my blog stats. Here are new countries from the past 30 days, with the view count per country.

  • Iraq, 7 views.
  • Norway, 7 views.
  • Vietnam, 6 views.
  • New Zealand, 2 views.
  • Spain, 2 views.
  • Republic of Korea, 1 view.
  • Brazil, 1 view.
  • South Africa, 1 view.
  • Czech Republic, 1 view.
  • Sweden, 1 view.
  • Pakistan, 1 view.
  • France, 1 view.

Welcome to all new readers! For those interested, most of my hits come from the U.S., Canada and the U.K. I intend to update this list with new countries from time to time. There are still lots of countries that haven’t made it on the stats board yet and I’m looking forward to seeing it more filled in. (India and China, where are you???)

All for now,


Had to get a George Jones vid in here. Thanks for the voice, George.

Live at the Opry.

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