Finally, My Blogs United

Just united my Goodreads and WordPress blogs as promised long, long ago. So, what does this mean?

First, going forward the sole place I will be adding new posts is my WordPress blog here at 

The WordPress RSS should, hopefully, push out to my Goodreads page and blog.

For those with more interest, I started my blog on Goodreads on July 20, 2012. So, now if you trawl through the archives you will be able to find posts from July 20, 2012 through Aug. 7, 2012. Don’t get too excited: there are only six of these posts from the Goodreads blog. They are mostly of historical interest for me, but there are some gems:

  • A good post on Steinbeck I called “The Book in the Mirror.” It was really the first in “The Craft” series of articles on fiction writing.


It’s good to see the evolution in the blog from bolded text to graphic elements, embedded videos, block quotes and crisper writing. It’s largely been a learning-by-doing process. So, if you’re a writer worried about blogging, just jump in and learn what works. My only (minor) regret is that I didn’t start doing it earlier. 

Thanks for following and reading the blog. There’s lot more good content and news to come.

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