Historical Novella Almost Done

Hey everybody.

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been working on a historical novella and it’s almost done.

I just finished it today and wanted to get this out. I still want to put it through a good copyedit and proof, however. So please, have patience.

The novella is set in the ancient Middle East and is based on a Biblical theme. It’s historical fiction with the emphasis on “historical.” That is, I tried to keep it historically accurate. That means no vampires, werewolves or magic. Sorry, fantasy fiction fans.

I will release more details (a title, blurb, etc.) here once I get a finished, well-groomed manuscript in hand. I will also shop it around to publishers, so it may be some time before it sees daylight. Again, be patient. This writing thing takes time.

This song was playing in the café the moment I finished my last edits.

Begins with a pop.

See you around,


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