A 300-Download Weekend

[This entry is a repost from my earlier, Goodreads blog.]

Well, in keeping with the promise of this blog to include both the trials and triumphs, here’s the breakdown of the stats from my Amazon KDP Select giveaway this weekend.

US 271 downloads
United Kingdom 39 downloads
Germany 14 downloads
Total 324 downloads

At first, I was a bit disappointed. I had about over 400 downloads in one day during my first giveaway on July 18. So, I was hoping to get about 400-800 downloads for the 2-days weekend giveaway. But, in retrospect, I think that was asking too much. I think the earlier adopter/downloaders have already seen the book, so it has lost a bit of its “wow factor.” And it was a nice summer weekend and the Olympics were on. So, maybe not the best timing.

One thing that doesn’t fit with this theory is that Germany actually had more downloads than previously. Maybe vegging out and watching the Olympics isn’t as popular in Germany?

Anyway, finishing the math for all 3 KDP Giveaway days, we get:

Aug. 4 -5 Total 324 downloads
July 18 Total 423 downloads
Sales to Date 27 copies
Grand Total 774

The upshot of all this is that I feel confident enough to admit that my goal since my first KDP giveaway on The Library of Lost Books has been to get 1,000 downloads and 29 sales for the book, over the book’s entire lifetime. (If you sell your book at .99 cents, 29 sales is the magic number you need to get a $10 royalty check. Amazon won’t send you a check until you hit the $10 mark). And that’s what I told myself all weekend long: “Don’t forget your original goal.”

It’s still my goal and I hope to reach it soon. With a little luck I’ll get there before my KDP 3-month run is up on Oct. 10. I will keep you all posted.

Thanks to all of you for buying/downloading. Keeping checking the blog for future giveaways and news and…

Keep Spreading the Word,


PS Here’s your musical treat.

This was playing on my Pandora station as I periodically (limited to once every 4 hours) checked my stats on the Amazon Kindle store this weekend.

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