Works in Progress

Here are the ground rules for this page:

  • I add new works to this list when I complete a first draft. (This allows me to create in peace and quiet.)
  • I remove works from this list when they are either published or are archived/”trunked.” If a work is published (traditionally or by me) it migrates to my “About” page. If it is trunked, it goes to the Great Hard Drive in the Sky.
  • I reveal titles here when a final first draft is complete.

In short: works are listed here when a first draft is complete and leave here when they’re published or archived. For updates on works as they happen, follow my Twitter feed.

Here’s the list:

1. The Sludge Ship Chronicles
This is a five-act, comedic play set in a medieval country. I’m sharing and submitting to those precious few theaters that accept play manuscripts.

……What am I, nuts??? Editing now.

3. The King Becomes a Star
A very different sort of project for me: short speculative poetry. Feedback gathered. Editing now. More soon.

First draft of this Cosmic Horror novella is done. Editing now. A type of piece I have been hoping to write for some time. More soon.

5. GAA
First draft and editing of this Flash (1000 words or less) Horror story is done. It’s about Theory of Mind and/or is Alice in Wonderland fan fiction. Submitting now. More soon. 


[LAST UPDATED: June 2021.]

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